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Prolene Suture Cutting P Needle: 26mm 45cm Blue 3-0 2 x 24

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Product Information:

A monofilament polypropylene non absorbable suture.

  • Claimable: No
  • Sachets Per Pack: 24
  • Material: PROLENE
  • Colour: Blue
  • Size: 3-0 USP
  • Sutures per satchet: 1
  • Length: 45cm
  • Needle Type: PC-26
  • Needle Size: 26mm
  • Needle shape: 3/8 circle
  • Needle Point: Conventional Cutting
  • Other Attributes: PRIME Needle
  • NHS NSV Code: FVT693

ETHICON Products is a global leader in suture products and suture technology, and is one of the most
trecognisable and well respected brand names in the hospital environment.
Also within the ETHICON Products portfolio are other wound management and wound closure technologies
sdesigned to advance the standard of care in tissue repair and include the DERMABOND* Topical Skin Adhesive
e(2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate) family of products and a range of lightweight mesh and devices for hernia repair.

ETHICON Products needles are manufactured in a wide range of types, shapes, lengths and diameters.
The choice of the needle to be used must rest with the doctor, and may take into account several factors such
has the requirements of the specific procedure, the nature of the tissue to be sutured, the accessibility of the
eoperative area, and the preferred technique of each individual doctor.


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