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SPENCER® SX-R Pick-up Stretcher

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SPENCER® SX-R Pick-up Stretcher

Spencer SX-R Pick-up Stretcher is intended for the recovery and transport of severely injured casualties to other transport devices.

The SX-R Pick-up Stretcher is often used to move casualties over short distances making it ideal for use in challenging and hard to reach rescue operations where it is necessary to protect casualties from rolling or movement during lifting and loading.

Thanks to the adjustable length and width, with the Spencer SX-R Pick-up Stretcher, it’s possible to lift the casualty off the ground without rolling or movement, significantly reducing movement and minimising further risk of injury to the back and spine.

The stretcher consists of two lightweight aluminum parts that are foldable, adjustable and divisible for ease of transport and storage. Fitted with large hand grips to aid casualty transportation, supplied with three quick release restraint belts to keep casualties secure and a concave surface to ensure lateral movements are minimised. 

The Spencer SX-R Pick-up Stretcher has a maximum load capacity of 170kg.


  • Supplied with three restraint belts STX597 with quick release buckle
  • Foldable and divisible in two parts of ease of storage and transport
  • Six large hand grips to help with casualty transport
  • Concave surface – keeps the casualty contained and reduces movement
  • Exposed central longitudinal area – makes it easier to carry out radiographic checks
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Maximum load capacity 170kg
  • Easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Extremely light and resistant structure
  • Adjustable length and width
  • Class I Medical Device compliant with Dir. 93/42/CEE & EN 1865-1
  • CE Marked 

Technical information:

  • Shortened length 1660 mm
  • Intermediate length 1 – 1780 mm
  • Intermediate length 2 – 1900 mm
  • Intermediate length 3 – 2050 mm
  • Folded length 1190 mm
  • Thickness folded 70 mm
  • Thickness opened 65 mm
  • Width 440 mm
  • Number of handles 6
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight (without accessories) 7,9 ± 0,4 kg
  • Load capacity 170kg

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